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Do you want to help us improve the Wiki? You can not only suggest new pages/entries/additions but also draw images/characters for pages that do not have them. Like professions, devices, creatures, various things related to countries like architecture and more.

Important: If you want to make your own entries, like countries, animals, Non-Eophrims, stuff for the Glossary etc. etc. then please use the Worldbuilding channel/forum of our RP site, so that I can create the needed pages and bring over what you have written for them (you will also get credited in the page, don't worry).
This is because the wiki's writing access is restricted since this is not a publicly managed wiki like Wikipedia or a Fanwiki and it would be tough and annoying to deal with trolls that mess around with pages (Wikipedia has thousands of other users that can correct something like this - we don't), so I hope you understand our reasoning for this procedure.

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