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About Horhsal

Horhsal is a world in a fictional universe - this means there are no influences from Earth which does not even exist in this universe.

The time reckoning being used is AEE (After the Extinction of the Eophrim) instead of AD and their calendar is slightly different from ours. Horhsal is the only inhabited planet in its solar system and part of the Riza galaxy.

You cannot compare Earth's ages and how things went down in our history with Horhsal's because their development and numerous happenings went down completely different. There are some minor influences from the Modern Age and the Middle Ages but it does not lean towards one of them - much is dependent on the country and especially the era. Their technological advancements are ambiguous as well. Horhsalians never bothered to invent electricity and use Essence Energy, or rather Solid Essence nowadays, as an energy source instead. They still were able to come up with high-tech inventions like digital technologies (devices similar to TVs, computers and the like) which are powered by Essence Energy but they do not have all of the same technologies that we invented while they have some we can not create. This means most labor is done manually in all ages, like farmers using scythes, miners working with pickaxes and drills, fishers using poles and nets and so on. There have been factories in the last two ages, of course, but most work there is done manually, too. However, there are some countries that rely more on machines than manual labor but these are rare.

Or in short: most of their technology stems from Essence Energy which means they completely rely on Essence technology and Essence machines. Unlike electricity, they can not artificially produce Solid Essence which changes how they handle matters like energy consumption. However, there are still some exceptions, like people that use non-Essence related energy sources (but still no electricity).

This is also true for combat gear and the military. Firearms are not as all-powerful as they are on Earth - sure, they can be strong, but they are not stronger than melee weapons, bows, and crossbows (their firearms also look a tad more old-fashioned than ours). Instead of only focusing on firearms they also advanced other types of weapons like the ones mentioned before, especially after developing Essence Weapons. This means you will see various people using melee weapons, bows, and crossbows while someone with a firearm is just average instead of superior - in every era except the Age of Draft. The same can be said about armors - instead of getting rid of them, they improved used materials and made them stronger as well. This means there are still lots of fighters using old-fashioned looking armors. Nonetheless, more modern looking ones and uniforms were developed in the last centuries as well, the used gear depending on the country. Monoria, for example, uses armored uniforms the most. There are no camouflage uniforms like Earth's soldiers use, though. You could have a soldier in full plate armor using a rifle while, at the same time, having a swordsman in a uniform next to him.

Another example being two armored soldiers guarding a castle while watching online shows or streams on their laptops. But, as I said before, it mostly depends on the era, continent, and country because they have their own styles while culture is an important factor for these kinds of things as well.

Short facts

- The language that everyone should speak so they can talk with foreigners - like English in our world's case - is called “Grand Assembly tongue” and was created during the time the Grand Assembly was a thing.

- There is no magic in Horhsal but something vaguely similar - the Essence. It could best be described as a metaphysical entity, similar to how one could imagine the entity “nature” or a force itself. The Essence is neither a God nor another kind of celestial being but an important part of the planet itself. It possesses incredible powers and unconsciously uses these to alter the planet itself: for example changing whole landmasses like the sugar deserts or rubber jungles in Nomvul, making Rimsal entirely random and so on. The Essence even influences living beings like animals and humanoids, giving the latter special powers Earthlings could only dream of.

- Humanoids are not the only inhabitants of Horhsal, of course. There are animals which also includes what we would call beasts while abominations/monsters are something different. Creatures that look so weird/abnormal that you can not call them animals anymore - like golems, aberrations and the like. The flora and fauna depend heavily on the area – you will see completely different creatures in Nomvul than in Monoria and even different ones in Nomvul depending on the region, like a desert or a jungle. Horhsalians use animals we would not use for certain things – like making a dress out of a giant jellyfish-like creature or people in jungles riding on giant bugs.

- They never invented “solid” money (like coins and banknotes) and - after they started out by trading with goods - directly switched to the precursor of bank accounts. Or to be more clear - people used “money accounts” even in ancient times and the wealth of a person was registered by a group that was similar to a guild or bank before these were invented. Not having solid money you can actually touch means they also never invented currencies. It was not impossible to steal money. Someone particularly good just had to fake a sign for a transfer which would be comparable to modern days account hacking although guards became more and more suspicious and found countermeasures against it.

- They do not have the words knight and samurai and use Champion instead which is something similar to those two and who you can find everywhere in the world - their looks and gear dependent on the country they live in, like the Champions of the Law of Orvisna.

- There are no “race countries” and languages (like Gallertia or Gourmearish) when it comes to the Post-Eophrim races! Language only depends on the country (like Galfarian) and you can find the one spoken in a country in its description. An exception to this are Non-Eophrim races who have their own languages, although some of them additionally learned the language of the country they live in.

- Horhsalians never discovered they could dye their hair which is why nobody is able to do it and everybody permamently keeps their natural hair color (two colors in the case of Atmogis). Unusual ones like blue, green, purple and the like are as normal for them as brown, black and blonde are for us. These three are widely spread as well, of course.

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